After a few months of waiting, I sincerely didn’t think I could offer them to you so soon, but my partner worked wonders and here they are.

As a reminder there are 2 sizes:

half dollar (30.75mm x 2.00mm) and Dollar (38.10×2.2mm).

The coins are made of brass, so of a yellowish color that will tarnish slightly over time. If you wish, you can use a soft cloth or iron wool to make them shine.

I will use them from now on for all my manufacturing requiring the use of an Asian coin such as C.S.B, C / S Luc Apers, Etc ..

They are immediately available for purchase on the site and in PROMOTION until the end of October.

Update : Patina Test : OK

Chinese coin approaching

A few months ago, I decided to have my MKS Chinese Coin manufactured because most of the coins available on the market were less than a few hundredths of a millimeter which prevented me from making dollar format items such as CSB and C / S L. Apers.

After working with my usual manufacturer (Jumbos ECU, Haitian and Edward), and after going through various issues in this painful time of Covid, I can, FINALLY, show you the finished product that I received.

First of all, the diameter chosen is 38.10mm, so this one will allow me to manufacture the Copper / Silver Luc Apers, and all my CSBs in Dollar and Ecu format.

The thickness is 2.50 mm, so neither too thick nor too thin, for a total weight of 24 grams.

The edge is smooth, but can be re-milled if requested.

The central hole is 8.00mm in diameter, leaving enough space for a cigarette to pass through.

The samples I received are in brass, but the series will be struck in Brass, but also in Copper.

I started manufacturing C.S.Bs which had been “waiting for Chinese parts” for many months, and therefore satisfied my customers (some have been waiting for almost a year .. Thank you for their patience).

Patina tests will be done later, because my priority is manufacturing so that everyone receives their order before I go on vacation.

Have a nice day, everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this.


Here is the new MKS Exclusive for this year 2020.

If you saw the routine of Maxence Vire during “France has an incredible Talent 2019”, its finale was a transposition from Chinese piece to piece ECU Leopold II created by me

This final was executed thanks to 2 Copper/silver Luc Apers, one of which was magnetic with S.K.C.

I will not talk in detail about the method used to make this magnetic gimmick, but know that at the moment I am the only one to offer you the possibility of using an S.K.C with a hole. And now you too can purchase it.

The SET C.T.S.T consists of:

  • 1 Copper Silver Luc Apers
  • 1 Copper Silver Luc Magnetic Apers
  • 1/2 Split Kit Silver Corner
  • 1 corresponding Chinese coin
  • 1 matching silver coin

On order only.

Link to the C.T.S.T page

France has an incredible talent – Maxence Vire


Some of you have contacted me about the routine that Maxence Vire performed on 19/11/2019 during the show of “France has an incredible talent”.

The INCREDIBLE M.VIRE set aka ‘I.M.V’ is made up of ECUs 5 Francs Leopold II in silver and was made entirely by me. It exclusively includes the MKS C.T.S.T ‘Chinese To Silver’ (visible at 3:44 of the video)

the MKS C.T..S.T is a new Chinese coin that changes on view into a silver coin and can be shown on both sides. It allows a lateral, vertical, ascending and descending change of extreme ease.

The ‘I.M.V’ box is available for pre-order, and includes:

  • The wooden box
  • the set of pieces to redo the complete routine
  • explanations of the routine by Maxence Vire himself in digital format
  • Certificate offering public execution rights (manuscript and signed)


  • Leopold II 5 Francs (Silver): 1750.00 €
  • Napoleon III 5 Francs (Silver): 1750.00 €
  • Louis Philippe 5 Francs (Silver): 1750.00 €
  • Hercules 5 or 10 Francs (Silver): 1750.00 €
  • Morgan $1 Dollar (Silver): 1950.00 €
  • Peace $1 Dollar (Silver): 1950.00 €


  • Soft (Leger, Medium) : 130.00 €
  • Skate Gradiant : 130.00 €


  • 1/2 day with the artist to talk and work on the routine of the show: 150.00 €

4 times toll-free payment.

If you want to purchase this box, you can order directly by sending a message to

Order deadline: 25/12/2019

Thanking you for your interest in our project.

Thierry and Maxence