I spent several weeks to finish this order, and I am very satisfied with it. This is one of the reasons I want to share with you a short description of this set.

on picture, you can see :

– Shell + 2 reduced and remilled coins

– Copper/Silver + extra coin

– Shell Magnetic + Magnetic coin reduced and remilled

– Sliding + 2 reduced and remilled coins

This custom order shoud take the road to U.S.A soon 

Standard Quotes :

– Shell Set (Shell (Teflon coating) + 4 reduced/Remilled coins) + Patina : 270.00€

– Lockling Sliding Shell Set (Teflon coating in shell) + 3 reduced/Remilled coins) + Patina : 290.00€

– Copper/silver (Silver Dollar/Asia) + Extra coin + Patina : 175.00€

– Flipper Mks Asia + Patina : 175.00€

– Flipper Mks Asia (Reduced/Remilled) + Patina : 200.00€

Thank you

MKS ASIA Shell Set Link :

1st post of 2022

Yes.. it’s February.. but it could have been March 😉

First of all, a quick review of the past year:

Because of Covid, we have all suffered repeated confinements, closed shops and a reduced social life… For my part, this has resulted in a drop in the number of visitors to my workshop and has caused major slowdowns in production (some customers waited almost a year..).

Being very dependent on carriers, they used the COVID alibi to justify the mediocrity of their services. They only did shit by misplacing packages, delivering 3 months late, and breaking my balls when I asked for a refund thanks to the insurance taken out… THE TOTAL when a carrier refunded me in 4 TIMES an order that took 6 months to admit having lost…

Regarding the MKS site:

The DISCOUNT tab appears. this includes:

– Coins with which I no longer wish to work and of which I am selling off the end of my stock.

– NEW MKS items on sale for a more or less limited time (in order to avoid missing out on a good deal, check the page often 😉

Since 2018, most of the raw materials and metals that I use have continued to increase without having influenced my prices. But today, with an increase of more than 50% in the price of silver, I must admit that I have to review this. So my prices have just been revised upwards for the most part. I assure you, my prices do not increase by 50% 😉

To give you an idea of ​​the increase in the price of raw materials, a shell set with 4 reduced and re-notched pieces in Morgan 1921 cost 220 Euros in 2014, today, 8 years later, you have to pay 400.00 Euros ( and I don’t win more on a set than before..)

As always, if you have an idea for a gimmick project, don’t hesitate to contact me 😉

Good luck to all, and most importantly, take care of those you love.


Shipping Cost Adjustment

This Covid period has hurt many companies, and some have also revised their prices upwards to compensate … This is the case of the various carriers whose prices have recently gone up … They were already not cheap, but these have increased by almost 25% lately …

A few years ago, a customer in Spain sent me a set for repairs. the latter had paid € 6.80 for a shipment against signature with insurance from Spain to France, but in the opposite direction the price rose to € 20.40, ie 3x more expensive !! The client thought that I was making money on the shipping costs, until I provided him with the French colissimo rates. The French Transporter ‘LA POSTE’ crams like a pig, but it is the cheapest of all…

This is to let you know that the shipping costs have just been adjusted accordingly.

I leave you free to take a look at the different sites, and thus have an opinion on the subject:

The prices are now:

Metropolitan FRANCE, Corsica, Monaco and Andorra: € 11.50
EUROPE: 17.50 € -> 22.50 €
OVERSEAS: € 15.50 -> € 21.00
INTERNATIONAL Zone B (Eastern Europe, Norway, Maghreb): 25.00 € -> 29.00 €
INTERNATIONAL Zone C (Other destinations): 30.00 € -> 39.00 €


A long time since I had problems with a supplier, but today it is not one, but every one of my parts suppliers who have been doing anything and delivering shit to me for almost 6 months. ..

I have been using the Chinese Luo HanGian coin for years to make some of my items. This had an ideal diameter of 38.00-38.40mm (perfect for making a dollar sized coin). BUT, for almost 6 months, all the delivered parts are 37.40mm maximum … Because of that, I can no longer manufacture these items …

Many years ago, I had more and more difficulty in supplying myself with copper or brass coins of large diameter (random price and limited quantities) … In order to no longer be dependent on these suppliers, I had called on a coin maker to make him make the Edwardus and Haiti as well as the MKS Jumbo that you know.

Today, the same scenario is looming on the horizon … I am therefore working again with this manufacturer in order to offer you a new Chinese coin soon. As always, this will allow me to have linear quality and a lower cost price. Also I think that the design I am currently making with him will change from what we are used to seeing in the magical world.

This new part will have 2 possible finishes: Copper or Brass and can be used for any Dollar and ECU size manufacturing.
a diameter of 38.00mm and a thickness of 2.40mm.
The central hole will be 8.00mm in diameter, allowing the passage of a cigarette.
The edge will be smooth.

For the moment I am only with the 3D modeling of the part.

I will post some photos of the different stages of development and manufacture.

I hope she will have as much, see more success than the Luo HanGian.