Shipping Cost Adjustment

This Covid period has hurt many companies, and some have also revised their prices upwards to compensate … This is the case of the various carriers whose prices have recently gone up … They were already not cheap, but these have increased by almost 25% lately …

A few years ago, a customer in Spain sent me a set for repairs. the latter had paid € 6.80 for a shipment against signature with insurance from Spain to France, but in the opposite direction the price rose to € 20.40, ie 3x more expensive !! The client thought that I was making money on the shipping costs, until I provided him with the French colissimo rates. The French Transporter ‘LA POSTE’ crams like a pig, but it is the cheapest of all…

This is to let you know that the shipping costs have just been adjusted accordingly.

I leave you free to take a look at the different sites, and thus have an opinion on the subject:

The prices are now:

Metropolitan FRANCE, Corsica, Monaco and Andorra: € 11.50
EUROPE: 17.50 € -> 22.50 €
OVERSEAS: € 15.50 -> € 21.00
INTERNATIONAL Zone B (Eastern Europe, Norway, Maghreb): 25.00 € -> 29.00 €
INTERNATIONAL Zone C (Other destinations): 30.00 € -> 39.00 €

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