I spent several weeks to finish this order, and I am very satisfied with it. This is one of the reasons I want to share with you a short description of this set.

on picture, you can see :

– Shell + 2 reduced and remilled coins

– Copper/Silver + extra coin

– Shell Magnetic + Magnetic coin reduced and remilled

– Sliding + 2 reduced and remilled coins

This custom order shoud take the road to U.S.A soon 

Standard Quotes :

– Shell Set (Shell (Teflon coating) + 4 reduced/Remilled coins) + Patina : 270.00€

– Lockling Sliding Shell Set (Teflon coating in shell) + 3 reduced/Remilled coins) + Patina : 290.00€

– Copper/silver (Silver Dollar/Asia) + Extra coin + Patina : 175.00€

– Flipper Mks Asia + Patina : 175.00€

– Flipper Mks Asia (Reduced/Remilled) + Patina : 200.00€

Thank you

MKS ASIA Shell Set Link :

1st post of 2022

Yes.. it’s February.. but it could have been March 😉

First of all, a quick review of the past year:

Because of Covid, we have all suffered repeated confinements, closed shops and a reduced social life… For my part, this has resulted in a drop in the number of visitors to my workshop and has caused major slowdowns in production (some customers waited almost a year..).

Being very dependent on carriers, they used the COVID alibi to justify the mediocrity of their services. They only did shit by misplacing packages, delivering 3 months late, and breaking my balls when I asked for a refund thanks to the insurance taken out… THE TOTAL when a carrier refunded me in 4 TIMES an order that took 6 months to admit having lost…

Regarding the MKS site:

The DISCOUNT tab appears. this includes:

– Coins with which I no longer wish to work and of which I am selling off the end of my stock.

– NEW MKS items on sale for a more or less limited time (in order to avoid missing out on a good deal, check the page often 😉

Since 2018, most of the raw materials and metals that I use have continued to increase without having influenced my prices. But today, with an increase of more than 50% in the price of silver, I must admit that I have to review this. So my prices have just been revised upwards for the most part. I assure you, my prices do not increase by 50% 😉

To give you an idea of ​​the increase in the price of raw materials, a shell set with 4 reduced and re-notched pieces in Morgan 1921 cost 220 Euros in 2014, today, 8 years later, you have to pay 400.00 Euros ( and I don’t win more on a set than before..)

As always, if you have an idea for a gimmick project, don’t hesitate to contact me 😉

Good luck to all, and most importantly, take care of those you love.



After a few months of waiting, I sincerely didn’t think I could offer them to you so soon, but my partner worked wonders and here they are.

As a reminder there are 2 sizes:

half dollar (30.75mm x 2.00mm) and Dollar (38.10×2.2mm).

The coins are made of brass, so of a yellowish color that will tarnish slightly over time. If you wish, you can use a soft cloth or iron wool to make them shine.

I will use them from now on for all my manufacturing requiring the use of an Asian coin such as C.S.B, C / S Luc Apers, Etc ..

They are immediately available for purchase on the site and in PROMOTION until the end of October.

Update : Patina Test : OK

Shipping Cost Adjustment

This Covid period has hurt many companies, and some have also revised their prices upwards to compensate … This is the case of the various carriers whose prices have recently gone up … They were already not cheap, but these have increased by almost 25% lately …

A few years ago, a customer in Spain sent me a set for repairs. the latter had paid € 6.80 for a shipment against signature with insurance from Spain to France, but in the opposite direction the price rose to € 20.40, ie 3x more expensive !! The client thought that I was making money on the shipping costs, until I provided him with the French colissimo rates. The French Transporter ‘LA POSTE’ crams like a pig, but it is the cheapest of all…

This is to let you know that the shipping costs have just been adjusted accordingly.

I leave you free to take a look at the different sites, and thus have an opinion on the subject:

The prices are now:

Metropolitan FRANCE, Corsica, Monaco and Andorra: € 11.50
EUROPE: 17.50 € -> 22.50 €
OVERSEAS: € 15.50 -> € 21.00
INTERNATIONAL Zone B (Eastern Europe, Norway, Maghreb): 25.00 € -> 29.00 €
INTERNATIONAL Zone C (Other destinations): 30.00 € -> 39.00 €

Chinese coin approaching

A few months ago, I decided to have my MKS Chinese Coin manufactured because most of the coins available on the market were less than a few hundredths of a millimeter which prevented me from making dollar format items such as CSB and C / S L. Apers.

After working with my usual manufacturer (Jumbos ECU, Haitian and Edward), and after going through various issues in this painful time of Covid, I can, FINALLY, show you the finished product that I received.

First of all, the diameter chosen is 38.10mm, so this one will allow me to manufacture the Copper / Silver Luc Apers, and all my CSBs in Dollar and Ecu format.

The thickness is 2.50 mm, so neither too thick nor too thin, for a total weight of 24 grams.

The edge is smooth, but can be re-milled if requested.

The central hole is 8.00mm in diameter, leaving enough space for a cigarette to pass through.

The samples I received are in brass, but the series will be struck in Brass, but also in Copper.

I started manufacturing C.S.Bs which had been “waiting for Chinese parts” for many months, and therefore satisfied my customers (some have been waiting for almost a year .. Thank you for their patience).

Patina tests will be done later, because my priority is manufacturing so that everyone receives their order before I go on vacation.

Have a nice day, everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this.