TCC Magic ??

This week, one of my customers visiting the workshop told me about a new Okito box launched by the TCC Magic company and being available for pre-order on the kickstarter site..

A novelty, cool. But what is this new box with the sweet name of M-Box doing…

After scrolling the cursor on the kickstarter page for a long time, I finally arrive on the famous box… I read the description… and it tickles me…; I read again…. then look at the photos… and but… It’s my box!!!

He talks about my MKS Okito Boston’S’.. Which I created and have been making since 2017… To drive the point home, he also took over the side groove allowing for easier flipping of the box when using the lid. .I’m hallucinating again…

I get drunk and start looking for info on TCC Magic and find their Facebook.. ok.. Hong Kong company.. it will be fun :/

I hasten to send him a short message indicating my astonishment. He answers me that the box was invented in 2016 by Jimmy fan, and for proof a video on blackberry with a video with the sweet name of IMG_20160322_121344 …

OK, but the side groove of the box, I’ve been doing it since 2009 long before your video… And you just showed me a video and an IMG file with a date of 2016. So I ask him for proof that holds the road, namely a patent filing, a publication on any site or anything proving without prior art on my Boston’S’..

For my part, I sent him the facebook link dating from July 10, 2017 where I had just finished the prototype and which I presented in video on facebook; here is the link :

As well as a youtube video from 2019 explaining the interest of the outer furrow. For 10 years, I explained this subtlety to my clients, but waited until 2019 to make a video of it and thus benefit the community.

On my opinion, I believe I have been robbed, I am impatiently awaiting LCC Magic’s response to see what action to take on this prejudice.

Thank you for reading me.


I spent several weeks to finish this order, and I am very satisfied with it. This is one of the reasons I want to share with you a short description of this set.

on picture, you can see :

– Shell + 2 reduced and remilled coins

– Copper/Silver + extra coin

– Shell Magnetic + Magnetic coin reduced and remilled

– Sliding + 2 reduced and remilled coins

This custom order shoud take the road to U.S.A soon 

Standard Quotes :

– Shell Set (Shell (Teflon coating) + 4 reduced/Remilled coins) + Patina : 270.00€

– Lockling Sliding Shell Set (Teflon coating in shell) + 3 reduced/Remilled coins) + Patina : 290.00€

– Copper/silver (Silver Dollar/Asia) + Extra coin + Patina : 175.00€

– Flipper Mks Asia + Patina : 175.00€

– Flipper Mks Asia (Reduced/Remilled) + Patina : 200.00€

Thank you

MKS ASIA Shell Set Link :

1st post of 2022

Yes.. it’s February.. but it could have been March 😉

First of all, a quick review of the past year:

Because of Covid, we have all suffered repeated confinements, closed shops and a reduced social life… For my part, this has resulted in a drop in the number of visitors to my workshop and has caused major slowdowns in production (some customers waited almost a year..).

Being very dependent on carriers, they used the COVID alibi to justify the mediocrity of their services. They only did shit by misplacing packages, delivering 3 months late, and breaking my balls when I asked for a refund thanks to the insurance taken out… THE TOTAL when a carrier refunded me in 4 TIMES an order that took 6 months to admit having lost…

Regarding the MKS site:

The DISCOUNT tab appears. this includes:

– Coins with which I no longer wish to work and of which I am selling off the end of my stock.

– NEW MKS items on sale for a more or less limited time (in order to avoid missing out on a good deal, check the page often 😉

Since 2018, most of the raw materials and metals that I use have continued to increase without having influenced my prices. But today, with an increase of more than 50% in the price of silver, I must admit that I have to review this. So my prices have just been revised upwards for the most part. I assure you, my prices do not increase by 50% 😉

To give you an idea of ​​the increase in the price of raw materials, a shell set with 4 reduced and re-notched pieces in Morgan 1921 cost 220 Euros in 2014, today, 8 years later, you have to pay 400.00 Euros ( and I don’t win more on a set than before..)

As always, if you have an idea for a gimmick project, don’t hesitate to contact me 😉

Good luck to all, and most importantly, take care of those you love.



After a few months of waiting, I sincerely didn’t think I could offer them to you so soon, but my partner worked wonders and here they are.

As a reminder there are 2 sizes:

half dollar (30.75mm x 2.00mm) and Dollar (38.10×2.2mm).

The coins are made of brass, so of a yellowish color that will tarnish slightly over time. If you wish, you can use a soft cloth or iron wool to make them shine.

I will use them from now on for all my manufacturing requiring the use of an Asian coin such as C.S.B, C / S Luc Apers, Etc ..

They are immediately available for purchase on the site and in PROMOTION until the end of October.

Update : Patina Test : OK