France has an incredible talent – Maxence Vire


Some of you have contacted me about the routine that Maxence Vire performed on 19/11/2019 during the show of “France has an incredible talent”.

The INCREDIBLE M.VIRE set aka ‘I.M.V’ is made up of ECUs 5 Francs Leopold II in silver and was made entirely by me. It exclusively includes the MKS C.T.S.T ‘Chinese To Silver’ (visible at 3:44 of the video)

the MKS C.T..S.T is a new Chinese coin that changes on view into a silver coin and can be shown on both sides. It allows a lateral, vertical, ascending and descending change of extreme ease.

The ‘I.M.V’ box is available for pre-order, and includes:

  • The wooden box
  • the set of pieces to redo the complete routine
  • explanations of the routine by Maxence Vire himself in digital format
  • Certificate offering public execution rights (manuscript and signed)


  • Leopold II 5 Francs (Silver): 1750.00 €
  • Napoleon III 5 Francs (Silver): 1750.00 €
  • Louis Philippe 5 Francs (Silver): 1750.00 €
  • Hercules 5 or 10 Francs (Silver): 1750.00 €
  • Morgan $1 Dollar (Silver): 1950.00 €
  • Peace $1 Dollar (Silver): 1950.00 €


  • Soft (Leger, Medium) : 130.00 €
  • Skate Gradiant : 130.00 €


  • 1/2 day with the artist to talk and work on the routine of the show: 150.00 €

4 times toll-free payment.

If you want to purchase this box, you can order directly by sending a message to

Order deadline: 25/12/2019

Thanking you for your interest in our project.

Thierry and Maxence

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