Here is the new MKS Exclusive for this year 2020.

If you saw the routine of Maxence Vire during “France has an incredible Talent 2019”, its finale was a transposition from Chinese piece to piece ECU Leopold II created by me

This final was executed thanks to 2 Copper/silver Luc Apers, one of which was magnetic with S.K.C.

I will not talk in detail about the method used to make this magnetic gimmick, but know that at the moment I am the only one to offer you the possibility of using an S.K.C with a hole. And now you too can purchase it.

The SET C.T.S.T consists of:

  • 1 Copper Silver Luc Apers
  • 1 Copper Silver Luc Magnetic Apers
  • 1/2 Split Kit Silver Corner
  • 1 corresponding Chinese coin
  • 1 matching silver coin

On order only.

Link to the C.T.S.T page

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