A long time since I had problems with a supplier, but today it is not one, but every one of my parts suppliers who have been doing anything and delivering shit to me for almost 6 months. ..

I have been using the Chinese Luo HanGian coin for years to make some of my items. This had an ideal diameter of 38.00-38.40mm (perfect for making a dollar sized coin). BUT, for almost 6 months, all the delivered parts are 37.40mm maximum … Because of that, I can no longer manufacture these items …

Many years ago, I had more and more difficulty in supplying myself with copper or brass coins of large diameter (random price and limited quantities) … In order to no longer be dependent on these suppliers, I had called on a coin maker to make him make the Edwardus and Haiti as well as the MKS Jumbo that you know.

Today, the same scenario is looming on the horizon … I am therefore working again with this manufacturer in order to offer you a new Chinese coin soon. As always, this will allow me to have linear quality and a lower cost price. Also I think that the design I am currently making with him will change from what we are used to seeing in the magical world.

This new part will have 2 possible finishes: Copper or Brass and can be used for any Dollar and ECU size manufacturing.
a diameter of 38.00mm and a thickness of 2.40mm.
The central hole will be 8.00mm in diameter, allowing the passage of a cigarette.
The edge will be smooth.

For the moment I am only with the 3D modeling of the part.

I will post some photos of the different stages of development and manufacture.

I hope she will have as much, see more success than the Luo HanGian.

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