‘Exclusive 2016’

After bluffing many magicians, Urban gives you all his experience on this coin.
An inexplicable appearance after clearly showing his two empty hands, incredible disappearances and effective routines.
All without sleeves, without threads, without magnets, without draw, without topit, and without difficulties!
A very easy-to-use gimmick that allows for new miracles.

The history and origin of the gimmick, its specificities, disappearances, apparitions, hand enemas, routines, loads and unloads, everything is easy to do and explained in detail.

The set is composed:
1 Urban’s coin
Accessories included
Demonstrations and Explanations via Internet Link

Formats – Small Size Rates (Excluding Options):
Euros (0.2, 0.5, 1 or 2): €90.00
Penny Copper: €90.00
1/2 Dollar (Kennedy IKE): €90.00
1/2 Dollar (Kennedy, Franklin,Walking Liberty): €100.00
1/2 Silver Dollar (Barber): €105.00

Formats – Large Size Rates (Excluding Options):
MKS Asia or Copper Dollar or ECU Copper: €90.00
Dollar (Eisenhower): €90.00
Dollar (Morgan / Peace): €130.00
ECU 5-10 FR: €105.00
ECU 50 FR: €110.00

Soft: €15.00
Patina: €15.00

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